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Theratrac LSO – Lumbar Decompression system with a posterior rigid support system

Product Code: PMT-TT100



    • Provides decompression to the lower lumbar region.

    • Portable, comfortable and convenient to use.

    • Breathable, non-allergenic, and lightweight materials.

    • Supports from the sacrum to the T-9 level.

    • Anatomically designed, 14” posterior panel provides a snug fit.

    • Latex-free, skin-friendly materials to provide hypo-allergenic appeal, and soft overall cushioning.

Product details

The Theratrac LSO (model TT100) utilizes a decompression system to cinch the user into a supine position and immobilize the back.The Theratrac LSO system provides circumferential compression and decompression to the lower lumbar region, and helps in stabilizing the spine, and promoting the healing process following post-operative back surgery.

The posterior panel provides lumbar sacral support and rigidity to the spine.The posterior piece can be contoured to fit if needed. The Theratrac LSO utilizes a soft corset decompression brace to clamp the rigid support into place.

The average height standards for male and female sizes have been taken into account in formation of the panel height for the LSO. A size medium male has been included per requirements.

Components & Accessories:

  1. The Theratrac LSO consists of 2 separate pieces:

    1. A corset fitted with our Theratrac decompression technology

    2. A covered lumbar posterior thermoplastic panel

  2. User instructions – cautions and warnings and operating instructions

The Theratrac LSO is operated by sizing the patient to the appropriate brace, based on pelvic/waist/navel circumference. First, properly size the brace to the patient based on the below sizing chart. While in a standing position, the Theratrac LSO can be wrapped around the pelvis/waist area, with the posterior panel centered in the back area, and resting on the top of the buttocks. Velcro close the front ends with the anterior panel centered in the front. Make sure the wrap is tightly Velcro closed, and then lastly, pump the Theratrac until the desired level of support is achieved. Deflate and re-inflate a couple of times to gain an extension and retraction. The Theratrac LSO should feel almost "custom-sized" and snugly fitted to the patient as the posterior panel cinches into position. The lower back region should feel slightly lifted, so as to reduce the pressure on the lower lumbar region.

Product Sizing details (8 sizes depends on Pelvis Circumference):


23" - 29"


29" - 34"


35" - 40"


41" - 46"


46" - 51"


51" - 56"



56" -61”

61” 66”

Indications for use of the equipment:

  1. Post-op: Following stabilizing surgery, following lumbar disk surgery.

  2. Degenerative pathologies: Osteoporosis, lumbar-sacral vertebrae complaint, protrusions, arthritis.

  3. Muscular pathologies: Muscular contractures.

  4. Chronic back pain

  5. Chronic lumbar instability

  6. Herniated lumbar disc

  7. Degenerative disc disease

  8. Spondylosis

  9. Stenosis

  10. Post operative rehabilitation


Product Weight (lbs) : 1