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PMT Medical Ultima OTC TENS Unit
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PMT Medical Ultima OTC TENS Unit


The Ultima OTC is an FDA approved, over the counter TENS therapy device. TENS technology blocks even the toughest pain signals from reaching your brain, while simultaneously triggering a release of your own body's natural pain fighting endorphins. Ultima OTC is a safe, non-addictive treatment device that allows you to manage your pain without the use of dangerous drugs.


The device features 8 preset modes, each targeting the most common areas of chronic and acute pain. Selecting your treatment mode is quick and easy using the intuitive controls that feature a large, easy to read backlit LCD display. Treatment intensity can be adjusted easily during your treatment session, allowing you to customize each preset specifically to your needs.  Also included is an electrode placement guide that will walk you through the optimal electrode placement for each individual treatment mode.


Package Includes 

  • 4 Reusable Electrode Pads
  • Lead Wires
  • Batteries
  • User Manual & Electrode Placement Guide
  • Carrying Case



    • 8 preset modes
    • Safe, drug-free pain relief
    • Portable, reusable, and battery powered
    • Ideal for joint and muscle pain, chronic or acute pain, and arthritis related pain
    • No RX required; FDA Approved for over-the-counter use.


  • Color : Black
  • Model : Ultima OTC TENS
  • Channel : Dual
  • Output : Maximum 130mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
  • Pulse Width : From 50 uS to 250 uS not adjustable
  • Pulse rate : From 1 Hz to 150Hz not Adjustable
  • Waveform : Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular Monophasic rectangular
  • Program : 8 programs are available