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Seat Boost
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Seat Boost


Seat Boost helps you stay active and independent.With lift assistance for those up to 350 lbs, Seat Boost is self-powered and lightweight. Best of all it can travel wherever help is needed.
Portable lifting assistance standing and sitting.
Who can benefi t from Seat Boost?
Anyone who has diffi culty standing from a seated position.

  • People who have arthritis, ALS, Parkinson’s

  • Disease or other neuromuscular disorders.

  • Those who want to maintain their independence

  • Facts about Seat Boost

  • Stay active,independent and get up when you choose.

  • Helps relieve sore joints and reduces strain on muscles for more comfort.

  • Versatile with portable and chair models for different needs.

  • Conserves energy for other important activities.

  • Comfortable, affordable and practical.

  • The Seat Boost is easy to use.

    When you’re ready to get up, just lean forward to stand and youryour Seat Boost automatically provides assistance.

    Weight/Size Ranges :
    Small - 80-230 lbs
    Large - 195-350 lbs


    Maintain an active independent lifestyle with help from Seat Boost. Seat Boost is the portable mechanical lifting seat that helps people stand up or sit down without assistance.

    • Safe, durable and reliable
    • Easy care with washable covers and cushions that can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
    • Adjustable lift for those from 94lbs to 350lbs
    • No batteries or electricity needed. Seat Boost is self-powered; take it anywhere.


  • HCPCS Code : E0629
  • Weight Range : 195-350 lb/88-159 kg