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Clinical Combo (IF, TENS, Galvanic, Russian)
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Clinical Combo (IF, TENS, Galvanic, Russian)

    • 4 channels/2 outputs/8 Electrodes
    • 5 essential electrotherapy currents
    • 8 quick preset treatment programs for common conditions
    • Illuminating touch buttons and LCD
    • Slim, compact, portable, and lightweight enclosure
    • Microcomputer controlled digital unit
    • Comfortable electrical stimulation
    • 1 Year Warranty on unit (6 Months on accessories)


    8 quick preset treatment programs for common conditions.

    • Edema (High Volt – Continuous)
    • Deconditioning (TENS Conventional)
    • Chronic Pain (IFC Premod 2-Pole)
    • Acute Pain (IFC Quadripolar 4-Pole)
    • Wound Healing (High Volt Cont.)
    • Endurance (TENS Conventional)
    • Nerve Block (Faradic Rectangular)
    • Muscle Re-Education (IFC Russian)


The revolutionary Next Generation AP439 is a futuristic US FDA cleared multi waveform (Interferential, TENS, Galvanic, Russian, High Volt, Faradic) device presenting maximum applications of pain relief in a single unit. The device has 8 pre-set treatment protocols to make treatment easy and fast. The intuitive GUI, compact body size makes it portable and aesthetically appealing. The device is a perfect fit for advanced physiotherapy clinics and hospitals.


  • Product Weight (lbs) : 6
  • Width (cms) : 13
  • Legnth - Inches : 7
  • Weight Code : G