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KN95 Cone -4.5cm thick
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KN95 Cone -4.5cm thick

    • 2 layers of melt blown 95/99 price/per each
    • Dual -layers of Melt-blown material offer maximum viral protection.
    • High-quality metal nose ridge prevents cracking.
    • High-quality edge cutting enables a custom and secure fit around the face.


With recommendations to wear masks in public, it can be confusing to decipher which are effective and meant for medical purposes. These disposable 5 layer KN95 respirator quality masks filter 0.3 μm on the PFE test, a rate of 95% or greater and work well for personal health, protecting you from bacteria, allergens, pollution, and airborne particles and droplets. The elastic ear straps keep the masks in place, so you can wear the masks comfortably while you go about your day, at the grocery store, pharmacy, and more. FDA and CE Cleared


  • Color : White