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EU300 Traction Table
EU300 Traction Table
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EU300 Traction Table

    EU300 Traçion® is the ultimate Traction Table for all Traction Needs – Lumbar Traction and Cervical Traction (with the Optional CT850 Cervical Traction Unit).

    EU300 Traçion® is the equipment used by physiotherapists for Traction and Decompression therapy and help to treat patients suffering with pain and limited function due to lower back and neck conditions.

    In terms of its comfortability, mechanical stability and operational movement, it is one of the best amongst its competitors. The EU300 Traçion® is best equipped with 3 Sides Elevating Bars (3S-UAD-Bar) however (1) Foot Control and (2) Hand Control are also available for different control requirements.



Special Feature:
The EU300 Traçion® is equipped with the ALL NEW "Center Arching Mechanism" for Motorized LUMBAR ELEVATION. This facilitates any pulling traction force on the lumbar area with a slight upward lifting support (up to 26° RISE) especially when the patient is lying in the prone position or facing down.

New Feature:

A "Gas-Driven Damper Strut" is used  on the "Lower Body (3rd & 4th) Section of Table Top" of the EU300 for Auto-Progressive Returning during therapy. This replaces the normally used "Recoil Spring" on other competing models. This feature helps to smoothly and safely reduce the gap between the stationary and floating sections. This means that the 3rd and 4th Sections will always stay afloat and not hitting the end of frame during therapy. At the end of a session, the Lower Body (3rd & 4th) Section will gradually return to its original position as the traction force decreases.

The standard package of EU300 Traçion® is equipped with:

(1) (L) 60º + (R) 60º Swivel Arm for various angle pulls
(2) 2 x Bolsters
(3) Extension Cord

The ET-800 (Optional) – Traction Head (Unit) can be placed facing the physiotherapist when the table is at the corner of a room. Or it can be placed facing the therapist when operating at the rear-end or when additional room space is available.

All four corners of the EU300 are supported by 3” inch swivel castors, one at each corner. The frame is constructed by (a) 6 * 3cm + (b) 7 * 3cm Steel Tubes by the thickness of 2mm.

     • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj.

     • Equipped with 1 Motorized Actuator for Center Arching

     • Twin “Oversized” Pillars for Added Stability

     • Individual “Leveling Foot” on All 4 Corners

     • Retractable Castors at Both Ends

     • Twin Gas Struts for Solid Head Section Support

     • Maximum Load Capacity of 225 kgs / 496 lbs


Minimum Height:    470mm / 18.50” inch
Maximum Height:    910mm / 35.83” inch
Table Top Width:     700mm / 27.56” inch


Head Section Length:    410mm / 16.14” inch
Thoracic Section Length:             310mm / 12.20” inch
Lumbar Section Length:     310mm / 12.20” inch
Leg Section Length:   740mm / 29.13” inch
Total Length:        

2390mm / 94.09” inch


Head Tilt Angles:   -20º to +80º
Leg Tilt Angles:      -0º to +87º


Traction Arm Swivel Angle:  (L) 60º to (R) 60º


Lift Mechanism:     Electric
Breathing Hole/Plug: 1


Retractable Castors:    4
Weight Rating (Max. Load):         225kgs / 496lbs


Net Weight:    103.5 kgs
Gross Weight:   116.2 kgs
Package Dimension:    210 x 75 x 56 cm


Container Load Capacity

 •  20ft:   28 tables
•  40ft:  56 tables
 •  40ft HQ: 70 tables


Electrical Data

Control Box Input Voltage & Rating: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A
Control Box Output Voltage:   DC 32V, 80VA


Actuator Input Voltage:   DC 24V
Duty cycle:   Max. 10% 2min. ON / 18min. OFF
Max. Load:    Push 8000N
Max. Current:         Max. 6A


  • Product Weight (lbs) : 1
  • Size : Large v2
  • HCPCS Code : E0629