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PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine
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PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine

    • Power Source: AC Adaptor (DC 24V/200mA).
    • Output Frequency: 120g (w/o adaptor)
    • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty on unit. Warranty is voided for use outside the United States.
    • System Includes: Stimulator, Lead Wires, AC Adapter, Hard Carrying Case, Instruction Booklet, ultrasound gel.


Ultrasound Treatment is commonly used in physical therapy to relieve pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, reduce muscle spasms and to speed in the healing process of many common injuries. This ultrasound unit is great for mobile physical therapy services, start up clinics, at home use by patients, or as a backup or 2nd unit for your office.

The PMT Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine generates deep heat through a piezoelectric crystal sound head. The piezoelectric crystal converts electrical energy into a strong vibratory soundwave or “ultrasound”, a sound beyond the normal range of human hearing. Sound waves cause a vibration of the cells in the soft tissue, increasing temperature and inducing vasodilation. When used as indicated, little or no heat is felt on the surface of the skin of the ultrasound patient.

Ultrasound therapy machines should always be used with ultrasound gel. The ultrasound gel helps to transfer the sound waves into the body during treatment. Using the machine without the gel could damage the ultrasound device and lower the effectiveness of the therapy.


Technical Specification
Frequency 1MHz +/-10%
Pulse width 2ms +/-10%
Repetition rate 150Hz +/-10%
Wave Shape Pulsed
Temporal Max. power 4W +/-10%
Temporal Max. 
effective intensity
1.57W/cm2 +/-10%
Effective (Eff.) average
eff. intensity 
0.47W/cm2 +/-10%
Eff. Max temporal
intensity/ Eff. avg. eff
intensity= Temporal
peak Avg. intensity
ERA(Eff. Radiating
6.16 square centimeter 
BNR(Beam Non-uniformity Ratio) Max. 5.6
Auto-time setting 30 minutes +/-1min
Output intensity Low, Medium, High
Size of main unit 172(L)x54(w)x42(h)mm
Weight of main unit 120g (w/o adaptor)



Portable Ultrasound Machine, AC Adapter, Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Instruction Booklet, Ultrasound Gel.


  • Product Weight (lbs) : 1.24375
  • Length (cm) : 23
  • Width (cm) : 20
  • Height (cm) : 5
  • Weight Code : G