Live pain free with the full line of PMT products.


Treat your pain with a non-drug, non-invasive TENS device that is proven and effective.

How it works:

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    Contact us today at 888-267-5422 or

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    We will work with your physician to obtain a C9 approval

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    We will ship your TENS device and supplies

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    We will call you to train you on the device and provide details about our program

TENS is a covered benefit through your workers compensation if you are experiencing pain. You will have no out-of-pocket expense for the device or supplies. 

About Pain Management Technologies

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Pain Management Technologies(PMT) and our value proposition to better serve you and the injured workers of Ohio.


Founded in 1999, PMT operates with a commitment to providing outstanding customer service along with innovative, quality products. Since its inception, in collaboration with trusted physicians and chiropractors, Pain Management Technologies has successfully treated thousands of patients to become a leader in distributing medical devices to injured workers in the state of Ohio.


Pain Management Technologies offers exclusive products, superior service, and a seamless referral process. When you choose to work with PMT, our office becomes an extension of your staff, through expedited paperwork, direct patient training, and prompt follow-up